Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2.25.2015: Rivalry Snub

From Major League Soccer:

No Columbus vs. Chicago on the list, or on a backup list here. But, NYCFC vs. New York Red Bull can be considered the BEST rivalry even though they have never played a game? Is Major League Soccer retarded?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2.11.2015: Robert Kristo's Trial In Italy Successful

Crazy I can now call this place home #laspezia #cinqueterre #italy

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The 6'4 Robert Kristo won't be heading in goals for the Columbus Crew this season, instead his devastating aerial ability (as mentioned by his new coach) will be on display at 7th place Serie B side Spezia Calcio.

In a way though, Columbus Crew can look at it (and Berhalter mentioned in a way he is) as an extended loan; as in most cases, eventually every American player ends up back in Major League Soccer.

Kristo won't be looking at it that way though.

And if there was one player not to bet against, it looks like this guy.

Kristo was confident that he was going to Italy, that his trial would be successful, and he would be signed. That's an excellent sign of his mental character. Very determined kid.

You hope for great success in Europe for a young American player such as Kristo. But, if he finds himself with the wrong coach or team in the future, Columbus may be an attractive option.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2.10.2015: VIDEO- Columbus Crew SC 2015 Signings

Been a slow week in preseason news. Here's a video of our 2015 signings, something to get pumped up for the home opener against Toronto.

Monday, January 26, 2015

1.26.2015: Could Columbus Be In For Yura Movsisyan?

Major League Soccer website's transfer watch is saying there is a team making a move for Yura Movsisyan. The Columbus Crew may be out of international transfer spots, but could they be looking to incorporate some more firepower up front with a green card in hand.
If so, Movsisyan would be a delightful option. He's made the Russian Premier League look like an Indoor Soccer League with his strike rate there (44 goals in 82 overall games).

Yet, with English Premier League interest this past Summer, I doubt Spartak Moscow would let Yura go cheaply; Probably why the Major League Soccer side that made the offer was turned down.

Still if you were to go for broke, and wanted someone that could finish chances, Yura Movsisyan would be an excellent, green card target.

A sort of target that you could say "there you go, we are done with our offseason. Let's go win a trophy." But, I guess that depends on how ambitious Columbus Crew SC are in their first season rebranded.

**In other news, Juan Agudelo is also in negotiations with MLS again.

Not as interested in Agudelo. But, would like the Crew to be a little more aggressive and throw their hat in the ring for another player up top. I think the Crew are one credible striker away from a complete team.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

1.20.2015: Crew's Berhalter Makes A Smart Move For Robert Kristo

Some call him Robert, or Robbie, or Roberto Kristo; either way the 3rd Round Pick for the Columbus Crew will not be in a Crew jersey soon. The highly rated forward out of St. Louis University, is headed to the Serie B in Italy.

American Soccer News reported that the deal was a done one on December 24th, 2014 with a Serie B club, but the club in question hasn't been mentioned.

But, Kristo's Instagram hints it's Serie B side Vicenza Calcio; as Kristo tweeted an Instagram New Years picture mentioning Vecenza, Italy (which umm doesn't exist). But, Vicenza, Italy has a Serie B club called Vicenza Calcio.

Vicenza, who were just promoted, are doing well enough so far in Serie B in 14th place. Yet, are only five points ahead of the relegation places.

If you're hoping to see Kristo in Crew Stadium soon, the best bet is Vicenza has a bad second half of the season and get relegated; then they may be looking to release some players and now Berhalter calls with Kristo's rights in hand.

Or they get relegated and a non-established Kristo doesn't get any other calls, and doesn't find Serie C (now known as Lega Pro Prima) as sexy.

Either way, while you hope for a young American prospect to be successful, Serie B may not work out and it may not even have to do with Kristo, who appears to have tons of potential, but instead the situation.

“He could potentially be signing in Italy right now,” Berhalter told Adam Jardy this afternoon. “We know that. Worst-case scenario, if he did end up signing and he plays a year there or a year and a half there and wants to come back, we own his rights.”

15 hours ago, Kristo posted this picture of him headed to Italy:

If you shook the snow globe of possibilities, my dream scenario now for mid-Summer is Miroslav Klose, with two hungry strikers that have confidence, have scored goals in college like Sagi Lev-Ari and Robert Kristo behind him learning.

That makes a lot more sense if you want to get serious about scoring, than what we've had.

1.20.2015: Miroslav Klose Would Make Columbus A Contender, But I Still Find That Dreamland Unlikely

The home opener against Toronto FC on March 14th might be a big time event now with Jozy Altidore and Michael Bradley coming to town.

It's unlikely to be because the Columbus Crew have signed a star to lead their line. But, wait a star linked to Columbus (with no facts or resources for said rumor) Go to link!

Who started this, well the German Bild mentioned Klose contact for Klose with Major League Soccer..

And then Crew fans ran with it taking to Twitter, and proclaiming Columbus, home of the Nordecke and German Village, must be one of the MLS teams in for the German (well, sort of German) Miroslav Klose.

Let's just say when you've scored the most goals in World Cup history, and 71 goals in 137 appearances for Germany, your still in demand at 36. To get in on the fun #KloseToColumbus
Well, at least Berhalter, didn't laugh and/or spit out his morning coffee or cappuccino.

The 36 year old Klose is looking for a move; as he is currently not enjoying life at Lazio, where he described himself, in December, as an "old table thrown into the cellar."

In addition, The German Bild said that Klose will not return to his former club, current relegation battlers Werder Bremen, or to any Bundesliga team. But, instead his destination is likely to be the United States.

But, where to?

If Columbus is really giving it a go, signing Klose and the much more likely Argentine right back Grana would put them at 9 internationals (1 over the limit).

If that's the case the Columbus Crew would have to trade for an international slot; or at the end of preseason, part ways with the draftee that has impressed less out of Sergio Campbell or Lev-Ari; Or Federico Higuain, or one of the Crew's two aforementioned draft picks may be very Klose to a green card.

Either way it's fun to dream.

Having someone like Klose wearing the Crew jersey would be a honor. Also, Lev-Ari, who I think will surprise and make the team, is a poacher who could learn a lot from a year or two behind a great poacher in Klose. That may not be a bad idea.

In addition, if your trying to jumpstart a new brand, having the top goalscorer in World Cup history in your shirt isn't a bad way to do it.

But, despite the Crew's new Bundesliga-like logo and the fact that Lazio isn't exactly Roma, Juventus, or AC Milan, therefore Klose might not demand to be in the largest market; I would still expect him to go to a bigger market with a DP slot left, like a New York Red Bull or even perhaps the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Still after a nice move for fullback Chris Klute, who knows what Berhalter and Precourt may have up their sleeves.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

1.13.2015: Mix Diskerud & His Yankee Hats Sign For NYCFC

Major League Soccer putting a big name in a big city, well I be damned.

Mix Diskerud looks lottery winning happy though signing with NYCFC (above). A club with so much history and passion. In fact, Mixy looks like a seven year old child that got the toy he wanted for Christmas. Quite. Because he now works at Yankee Stadium and can get all the Yankee hats that he can get his super cool, fruit juggling hands on.

As you may be aware, at one point this Summer, the Columbus Crew were excruciatingly close to signing U.S. international Mix Diskerud. But, it didn't happen so better things can for Diskerud and his Yankee fitted's.

A Columbus Clippers hat just doesn't have the same appeal. The same swag, you feel?

Well, don't show Mix this strictly fitted, Clipper hat.

Overall, Mix Diskerud has spent $2,219 dollars and 26 cents on Yankee hats. Well, that's not just a little OCD, can't think of any better use for over two grand.
No Pirates fitted though, isn't that hat 101?
When he comes to Columbus, we should make a big hat tifo that says? Post your thoughts @CrewtureFanzine