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Sunday, February 14, 2016

2/14/16: New Jersey Hate Bait

The back neck kind of reminds me of a Chicago Fire jersey and we should celebrate our rivals, both them and Toronto FC with red. Gahh, how will I go on?

If you didn't see this, the players react and read mean twitter tweets. Kind of just makes me wish I got vicious the other day because Crewture could use any views lately.

I think by the end of the season everyone will say it's the best new idea after the Crew's new logo. We should've changed the logo on this jersey to an eagle and weed plants?

But, the city of Columbus must be happy because this is probably the first time the rest of the world has ever looked for Columbus's flag on Google. Or at least the first time loner MLS fans got sick of looking up porn and google searched this. And probably the first time a team has designed their jersey after a city flag. Is that true? Would be a good Trivia Crack question.

2/14/16: Happy Valentines Day Crew Lovers

But, okay MLSSoccah.com

But, got to agree. Wil Trapp has captured your heart Columbus. Awe

2/14/16: Who Does Berhalter Still Hope to Sign?

Berhalter has commented:
“I think we need to perform,” he said. “We have the personnel, now it’s about the performance.”

After a few signings last week, the club now has 24 roster spots filled, and Berhalter has said he only plans on carrying 27 of a possible 28 into the beginning of the season.

So perhaps some draft rookies and maybe someone else significant?

Lol, how about:

Because two Kamara's isn't enough, lol. And especially Conor Casey.

"What Crewture buddy? I'm your number one striker?"

Friday, February 12, 2016

2/12/16: Amro Be Like..

I'm all about that Crew swag

2/12/16: No Matter If The New Crew Jersey is Ugly or Sweet, Will Win The Attention Battle

And 47,000 minutes will be wasted debating it and fretting over it.

Named one of the worst football kits on the Harvard of Sports News- Bleacher Report, :-) the Crew's new second jersey will do one thing and that's get people talking.

For better or for worse.

Ok. Cover yo eyes before you click here.

I don't think the jersey would be shabby if the shorts were yellow and the light blue sat in the bottom of the jersey similar to how the red is on the top. I also think if Donald Trump wasn't really ugly and didn't make George W. Bush look like Albert Einstein I would like to be him.

That hurt saying, don't attempt; I rather be a somewhat educated/uneducated Football Manager playing poor ass like I am (and don't fret I dislike all Democratic hopefuls as well. I would vote for Kernal Sanders from the KFC commercials at the moment if I could).

The point is I don't give a crap what the Crew wears as long as they're the Columbus Crew. And if they want to add MLS Cup to that. Cool.

The one thing I don't get is why suddenly MLSsoccer.com has to make a big hoopla about everyone's new jersey, and why every team needs to change their jersey now every minute. Didn't know MLS teams were a fancy, stylish girlfriend that no guy wants unless they have confidence issues.

Well, bazang, ka boom. Let's just get into it and embrace it. If you don't you're not a good Crew fan :-).

You ain't real.

So twirl.

2/12/16: Three New Players Signed, Why It's Better Than Previous Years

The three new players the Crew signed, transfer-wise, are players that may take the Crew over the top from MLS Cup participant to winner.

Emil Larsen, the 24 year old Danish star, appears to be someone much better than last year's acquisitions of Mohamed Saeid and Kristin Steindorsson.

The 24 year old has five appearances for Denmark. Has played in the Danish Superliga for six years. The first two with Lyngby Boldklub, where he was the top league scorer in 2009 helping to promote the club to the Danish Superliga.

His work led to a transfer to top Danish Superliga club, Odense Boldklub, where he has been for the last four seasons.

Emil Larsen looks a top prospect for Denmark's future at 24 years old and looks capable of taking a spot in the midfield as a starter.

So, makes a Crew fan wonder/ponder if a player in the midfield might be going or if Larsen will split time in the midfield with another starter; As I don't think Larsen would look to come here to be a bench player.

Ola Kamara additionally looks to be a massive improvement as a second striker. The 26 year old Norwegian played for top Norwegian Tippeligaen side Molde last season. Kamara scored 14 goals in 29 appearances, nearly good enough for a goal every two games.

Ola or K2 also received UEFA Champions League time with Molde last season.

In the past, Kamara has had the most success with Tippeligaen side Stromsgodset, scoring 43 goals in 112 appearances.

Kamara has spent a bit of time in the Austrian Bundesliga with SV Rien and Austria Wien, but hasn't had much success there. Also, he has spent some time in Germany with TSV 1860 Munchen.

Ola further has had his own international appearances, seven for Norway including one goal.

Ola's top three Molde goals last season, looks to have some pace. Perhaps Kei's eventual replacement/protégé if Kei was really looking to retire this year if Columbus won it all:

Some goals Ola scored in the past that probably lead to his time in Austria:

In regard to Amro Tarek, the 23 year old has had a decent stint in the Egyptian Second Division. And that's it if you look at his whole career.

He's made appearances on excellent Bundesliga Reserve teams and is now on contract with Real Betis.

I figure it's a situation based on what Amro makes out of it. He's likely on his way out of Betis and Columbus probably figures if he takes to the Crew and plays successfully, bonus.

Berhalter perhaps believes he has a better chance with Amro than Barson or Tyson Wahl.

Columbus could use a better 5 or 6 defenders overall and if they bring in Amro and someone similar fulfills a need.

All of these acquisitions fulfill a need and strengthen the depth of the club.

In addition, all players transferred in have been with a few successful clubs and are perhaps more professional than previous acquisitions. So, if all can put some stress on starters all the better.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Soccer World Is Yours (6.3.2015-Edition)

The best part of Tuesday's match for New Zealand's U-20 Goalkeeper Oliver Sail

I'm not too convinced Julian Green will be the world phenom Klinsmann expects him to be. But, Gedion Zelalem will be somebody. A lot of players on this U-20 team will be (alright, could be):

And everyone talks about CCV, Hyndman, Rubin, and Zelalem...
But, I think Paul Arriola is a bit underrated or overlooked in the hype of the others. I think he's a hell of a player. I like his frame and he has a little bite to his game. And could make the jump to U23s with a lot of these other guys (Rubin, Hyndman, Zelalem, CCV, etc.). I think he may be a guy that surprises some people (in a overseas, across the Atlantic type of way) in the future.

In addition, who is this little engine that could Desivio Payne? Payne against New Zealand was a baller and appears to be a delightful wing back for the future (if he sticks with the US). We always could use more of those, and to be honest he may be moving up that (slim outside back) depth chart real quickly.

It's nice to be impressed with a US performance every once in a while. All these guys could do some great things. If I was Klinsmann I would've enjoyed that.

**A lot of people are focusing on the symbolism of the open back door in this image, I'm focusing on those fresh kicks.
Pretty fly, felt shoe game, for a 79 year old.

**New York Cosmos vs. Cuba, why was this on ESPN?

I flicked it on and preceded to fall asleep several different times, drooling on myself. It was a good nap inducer.

.25 cents a ticket for this one, you think they could up the ticket prices to provide for a grounds crew and maybe a few stadium improvements... No wonder Osvaldo Alonso and half their team always makes a run for asylum/citizenship at the Gold Cup.

Rough looking national team stadium... And that's alright, but at least put more work into the pitch. It looks like what my local rec league would play on.

Very surprised Raul's creaky old ankles held up on that.

**The Columbus Crew play the Philadelphia Union in the quest for their first away win. Things to likely happen: Kamara will score, somebody will get red carded wearing yellow, will give up a win with a late goal.